Auto rickshaw advertisement

Auto Rickshaw Advertising is one of the most visible advertising medium as it covers the entire city. It captures maximum eye balls as it goes in every nook n corner of the city. It creates an effective visible impact as it takes attention of every individual be it house wives, students, working officials. It covers malls, societies, markets, schools, colleges, tourist’s spots.

Prachar Bharat is providing to huge auto rickshaw advertisement, auto advertising network and warehousing units. More than 50,000 auto advertising service we provide across India. we have 5 years of experience and networking in this field. We are offering an auto rickshaw advertising services at low market prices. Flex media auto rickshaw advertising services are also known as auto hood branding. We execute auto ads branding for a lifetime period. Next, we have multiple teams which can install the auto ads on a number of autos at the same time and at the different locations.

One new style that has been doing the rounds in this world for quite a long time now is Auto Rickshaw Advertising or Auto ads.

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