Car mesh

Prachar Bharat is a place where you can get high quality printing, advertising and business printing services within your budget. Now days Car Mesh has become one of the latest methods of outdoor advertisement of varied products and services that shows excellent advertising results. With the Car Mesh, you can drive your brand and advertise your business on the back of windscreen or side windows of your vehicle. Sometimes called one-way vision, this hi-resolution digitally printed paste material called clear vision, allows us to apply a full color hi-resolution design onto the outside of your back windscreen and or side windows. Car Mesh allows the driver to see through the rear windscreen, similar to if you were looking through a tinted windowpane, however all persons traveling behind your vehicle get to understanding a full color mobile advertisement of your business. 

It is very important to laminate the clear vision material with an optically clear 3M laminate to guarantee two things - the long life of the clear vision print, as it will deteriorate without it and to also ensure clear vision during wet weather. Without laminate of object, you will not see through your rear windscreen when it’s raining. The laminate also enhances the look of the clear vision to give a shiny finish. The "mesh" is a vinyl product & is printed in an inkjet printer. The inks are more lighten resistant than our home or office inks (They will still fade in strong UV light). Various machines usually have a minimum of 8 inks, and can print "metallic" colors.

Prachar Bharat offers to you best quality of car mesh and other printing services at best price. So, don’t waste your valuable time here and there for car mesh services, just contact us and get best quality of printing and advertising services.

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