Top 10 Frequently asked questions

  • Who is Prachar Bharat?
    • We are leading outdoor advertising agency in Delhi ,We make your advertisement experience a memorable one.
      We are expert in cost effective Auto-rickshaw branding, E-rickshaw branding, cluster bus branding, car mesh branding and other advertising activities including outdoor and online.
      For that, we make sure that your first impression in front of the audience speaks high about your business.

  • Why only Prachar Bharat?
    • If you want to increase your brand awareness because the right advertisement has the power to accelerate your profits.
      Prachar Bharat work with the objective to bring success to your business and fetch you the prospective leads. When your business reach shoots up, our purpose is fulfilled. Your profit is our gain.
      An increase in your client base is a testimonial to our hard work and quality.Prachar Bharat always try their best to satisfy their client.

  • How to reach us?
    • You can reach to us very easily. For that, you can contact us on our mobile number,email us, or send query on Prachar Bharat website.
      You can also explore the work of Prachar Bharat on social media platform such as Facebook, Tweeter and Instagram. Also you can easily access our location to us.

  • Where can one advertise its brand?
    • Prachar Bharat has large area and strong team network with adequate amount of resources.we provide the facility in digital mode as well as on offline mode where one can advertise or launch their brand.
      Prachar Bharat provides outdoor facility in all over India but more specifically in Delhi NCR, Rajesthan, Uttarpradesh, Haryana and Punjab.

  • How Prachar Bharat is different from others?
    • Prachar Bharat is leading in this field to provide the best output to clients at lowest Price with the commitment to fulfill the work on time.
      We are different because we are both manufacturer and service provider,we have manufacturing units, strategy maker as well as service provider. We have a strong network of men and clients.
      till now Prachar Bharat has worked for very big brands,Marks and spencer, Fare Hawker, yp parker, ICICI bank are our regular clients. In prachar Bharat you just need to tell what do you want Prachar Bharat creates the idea and execute it for their clients itself.Prachar Bharat also ensure best service to the clients and accountable to their service.

  • How to explore the services of Pracha Bharat.
    • We ensure best service to our clients for that Prachar Bharat gives detail information about their product quality also explain about their strategy.
      We provides Demo to our client. For demo product either you can visit us or our service provider came to you. Before working with clients we try to satisfy him with our planning and product.
      Also there are online mode such as facebook, tweeter, youtube and Instagram.

  • How to pay for services of Prachar Bharat.
    • We also provide an advantage to our clients to pay some amount intiaally and futher payment can be done after taking whole service.
      And You can esily pay to us through online as well as offline payement mode.

  • What are the Benefit to work with Prachar Bhara?
    • At Prachar Bharat you don’t need to be worried about anything as it strategies planning for company bramd promotion, we provide products for branding as well as manpower.
      We also provide service for products. We are accurate, efficient and provide service at liwest market price.

  • What if any product get damaged and not satisfy with our service.
    • If we finds that any client is not satisfy with our service , firstly we evaluate our strategy, fix the issue and work work with new spirit to provide our best.
      We work till client doesnot get satisfaction. If any client get product damaged we sent our backup team to fix the issue immedietly.

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